Choosing The Right Main Line Neighborhood For You & Your Family

Choosing The Right Main Line Neighborhood For You & Your Family

Relocating you and your family to Philadelphia’s main line can be an excellent choice due to its close proximity to the inner city, gorgeous architecture, and multiple housing types. But there’s a lot to consider when moving, even if you already have a fairly clear idea of where you want to be. Are you planning on moving to Philadelphia’s Main Line but still need to settle on the neighborhood and find the right home for your specific needs? If so, here are some tips and insights to help you choose the right Main Line neighborhood for you and your family.

Always Consider Your Budget

Your budget is ultimately what determines how much house you can buy. While Philadelphia’s Main Line is known for its historic and stunning homes that often come with a higher price point, it’s important to remember that Philadelphia’s Main Line encompasses around 16 different communities. Certain neighborhoods in Philadelphia’s Main Line, like Paoli, are known for being more budget-friendly, giving you the ability to move into the area without overextending yourself financially.

What Amenities Do You Want?

Amenities can make all the difference during a house hunt. After all, you want to easily be able to enjoy the community that you find yourself in, even if you are always a short drive away from the city and close to other major highways that you’ll need to get around. For example, do you want to live in a neighborhood that offers many parks and scenic destinations? Are you someone who prefers a neighborhood with plenty to do and ample culinary experiences? Ask these questions while you look into all of the different neighborhoods in Philadelphia’s Main Line.

What’s Most Important to You and Your Family?

If you’re moving on your own or with your spouse, chances are that you just want to make sure you have a beautiful home with plenty to do around you and one that’s close to employment opportunities or the company that you currently work for (unless you work remotely, which can help you broaden your search). But if you have children, there are other unique considerations that will go into finding your next home. These include things like the quality of the schools in the area (for which Philadelphia’s Main Line is known for its excellent public and private schools), the overall crime rate of each neighborhood, and whether or not there are family-friendly things to do nearby.

What Type of Housing Are You Looking for?

Finally, you’ll want to ask yourself, what type of housing am I looking for? Most are attracted to Philadelphia’s Main Line due to its historic single-family homes but don’t feel as though you’re limited just to these types of housing options. You could find a townhome for you and your family, a condominium for sale, and a host of other housing types to call your new home. Make sure to look at all Philadelphia’s Main Line has to offer to see what choices you have before you make a commitment to any one type of house or neighborhood.

Make Your Home Search Easy With the Erica Deuschle & Company Real Estate Team

Finding a home in Philadelphia’s Main Line can be an exciting prospect, but with all of the things you need to consider when you’re looking into Main Line real estate, you may feel as though you need some help to make securing your next home a bit easier. Whether you’re looking into homes for sale in Newtown, PA, or you have your heart set on one of the many other neighborhoods found throughout Philadelphia’s Main Line, Trust The Pineapple is here to help you find your home with ease. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our real estate agents now and begin your search!

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