Commuting From The Main Line: Access Philadelphia & Beyond

Commuting From The Main Line: Access Philadelphia & Beyond

Philadelphia is a city that features a robust public transit system that grew from an inner city rail system to multiple rail and bus systems that reach the suburbs and beyond. The Philadelphia Main Line region was developed in response to the exodus of wealthy families from the city to the suburbs, giving rise to the development of the Philadelphia Main Line railway. The original Main Line is long gone, but three commuter lines serve the region and connect them to Philadelphia and other major cities in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York area.

Moving into a Main Line neighborhood gives you access to a wide variety of commuting options that go to Philadelphia and more. The same goes for houses for sale in Newtown Square, PA, with plenty of connections to the bus and railways. Getting across the region to conduct business or pleasure is easy, and lets you avoid driving and the highways. Here’s a look at some of the rail commuting options throughout the Main Line region.


SEPTA, short for Southeastern Pennsylvania Public Transit Authority, operates all the public transit modes that service the Main Line area and beyond. It runs its own commuter lines and shares tracks with Amtrak, which enables commuters to reach different cities in neighboring states.

Paoli/Thorndale Line

The Paoli/Thorndale line begins in Thorndale, and shares its route with Amtrak, enabling riders to ride all the way to Harrisburg, PA, to the west and New York City, Boston, Trenton, Camden, and other New Jersey points, to the east. This particular route has multiple stops in the Main Line region and is an excellent option if you’re looking for homes for sale in Bryn Mawr, PA, or the nearby area for easy train station accessibility.

Manayunk/Norristown Line

You may hear longtime residents refer to this line as the Reading Railroad, as the line operated under this name until 1976. The line begins in Norristown and runs directly into Center City Philadelphia. It also connects to the Paoli/Thorndale line via a loop in the downtown area and joins with other rail lines in the region.

Norristown High-Speed Line

The Norristown High-Speed Line is a light rail line that is boarded at the Norristown Transit Center, connects with the 69th Street Transportation Center, and then runs east and north to the Frankford Transit Center. It has multiple stops that connect with other rail lines in the region that reach New Jersey train stations.

Amtrak Keystone Service and Pennsylvanian

Amtrak operates two intercity services, known as the Keystone Service and the Pennsylvanian. Both routes have stops at Ardmore and Paoli, making it easy to switch from SEPTA to Amtrak for longer rail journeys to Harrisburg in the west and New York City in the east. The Pennsylvanian route serves New York City to Pittsburgh.

The train stations at Ardmore and Paoli are operated through a partnership between SEPTA and Amtrak to facilitate passengers and make it easy for them to reach their destinations.

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