Things to Consider When Looking for a Bigger Home

Things to Consider When Looking for a Bigger Home

Dreaming of a bigger home is natural. Homeowners with expanding families often need more bedrooms, desire a spacious property for kids and pets to run around, or are looking to host larger gatherings. Upsizing can be scary, so here are some key things to consider when looking for a bigger home.

Price & Upkeep

Price is one of the most important factors to consider. When looking for a larger home, you may be enticed to buy something that seems like a good deal, but is beyond your budget. It’s important to remain realistic, especially if you plan on making renovations or newly furnishing any rooms. It is also typically more expensive and time consuming to maintain the interior and exterior of larger homes. 

Location & Commute Time

Traffic can be challenging when living in larger cities or areas with few roads and highways catering to high traffic volumes. Make sure you look at the traffic flow in your area and the commute time to work, school, and other places you frequent when looking for homes for sale in Bryn Mawr PA. Living with a longer commute can be stressful and may cost you more money than expected if you spend more on gas than planned.

Safety and Security

Safety should be one of your top considerations when looking for a larger home. Do not rush into buying something because it is bigger or feels safer than your current home or apartment. Instead, visit different neighborhoods at different times of the day to see what their safe neighborhoods look like. Also, look for homes with good security systems, such as a monitored alarm system, and ensure the home does not lack any other safety features important to you.


When looking for a bigger home, it is essential to consider where the neighborhood is located. If you prefer urban living, there may be some challenges with finding bigger homes. Some neighborhoods would be better suited for a smaller family, and others would work best with a larger one. Decide what type of neighborhood you want and find out if there are neighborhoods in your area where a larger home may be found. 

Community Attractions

Take into consideration the attractions that are close by. In many cities and communities, amenities such as parks, libraries, and community centers can be used during the day and at night. Think about if the home you are looking at provides adequate access to these amenities or not. Spend some time exploring neighborhoods you think you’ll like on the weekends!  You’ll get a good taste of what fun things there are to do, places to go, etc.  It’s a great way to really immerse yourself in the community.

Contact An Experienced Realtor

Upsizing your family home can be a challenging and confusing process. With so many options to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed and make a rushed decision. An experienced realtor can help take the guesswork out of upsizing and make the experience much more enjoyable. It’s important to hire an expert to best prepare!  What will you need to do in order to prepare your current home for sale?  Do you need the proceeds from that sale to buy your new home?  These are all things you’ll need to know and our team can help you figure it all out! 

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