4 Things To Consider Before Moving To Newtown Square

4 Things To Consider Before Moving To Newtown Square

Newtown Square is a quiet, suburban location just outside of Philadelphia. If you’re considering moving here, you’ll love the small-town charm! Keep reading to discover more about what makes this area stand out as an ideal place to set roots.

1. Its Proximity to Philadelphia

Newtown Square is just outside densely populated Philadelphia. Only 25 miles from the city’s center means enjoying the small town with everything you need from the city only a short drive away. People who work in the city find this an appealing alternative because the commute is easy, and you get the best of both worlds.

2. Small Population

The township’s population is only around 13,000 people, most middle-aged and affluent. One of the most attractive features of Newtown Square is its low crime rate, which is much less than the average town in America.

3. Seasonal Colors

If you love the change of seasons, get ready to be impressed by the bold foliage colors in the fall. Anyone looking forward to making the most of this season will love living in this small town that offers some of the best fall foliage on the East Coast.

5. The Economy and Housing

The economy in Newtown Square is healthy and above average in terms of national figures. Most people commute to Philadelphia for work, but the local job market is also healthy, offering many opportunities in professional fields. Many residents work for Fortune 500 companies and earn an above-average yearly salary. Additionally, the Newtown Square, PA real estate includes apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes that will suit the size of your family! 

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If you plan on moving to Newtown Square, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the optimal living conditions, economy, proximity to a major city, and real estate. It’s the ideal place to take advantage of professional careers in Philadelphia or Newtown Square. Do you want to find out more and locate the perfect home in Newtown Square or other towns along the Main Line? Trust The Pineapple will help you navigate the real estate market in any Main Line town, showing you the best houses for sale in Newtown Square, and others nearby areas! Contact us today!

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