Qualities To Look For In A Realtor

Qualities To Look For In A Realtor

Partnering with the right realtor is one of the most important steps in finding your dream home or selling your current property competitively. At Trust the Pineapple, our Havertown realtors guide you through the complexities of the selling or buying process. When it comes time to negotiate, you’ll definitely want us on your side. Learn more about the qualities that make us the top real estate agents in the area.

Experience in the Philadelphia Area

Local expertise gives our real estate professionals a deep understanding of trends in the area. Ask your agent how their experience in the Philadelphia area will translate into a lucrative offer or reasonable sales prices, depending on whether you’re selling or buying.

Knowing the local market goes beyond running a comparative market analysis. You want a real estate agent who offers a deeper understanding of local neighborhoods.

The right realtor for you should:

  • Have the tenacity to dig into buying trends, pricing, and demand.
  • Be persuasive when acting on your behalf.
  • Use language you can understand when pitching to you.

Relationship Building Skills

Does your realtor know how to build positive relationships that benefit you? Potential buyers and sellers, other real estate professionals, appraisers, home inspectors, and mortgage brokers all have a role in the exchange of properties. Look for realtors with a network of professionals who will help you achieve a fast sale or the perfect price point on your dream home. It doesn’t hurt if they also know construction contractors, plumbers, and electricians who can perform renovations and maintenance at affordable rates.


Flexibility and innovation go hand in hand. So, it makes sense to ask potential real estate agents how they adapt to changes in the market. Professional development helps real estate pros stay updated on industry change, but personal drive and growth are just as important. With Trust the Pineapple, you’ll find creative, dedicated people ready to forge new paths to help you achieve your goals. A passionate real estate agent will also have steely determination.

Determination and Drive

Real estate is a tough business, and your agent should be someone who thrives on challenges. With a strong will and boundless energy, your agent can break through barriers to get you the sales price or offer you need to move forward. When you ask one of our team members to describe themselves, determination and resolve always factor into the conversation. That’s because we fight hard on your behalf and keep moving forward no matter what comes up along the way.

Negotiating Skills

Negotiating skills are so important that they should be included in the job title of “realtor.” Real estate agents learn a lot in the first few years. Those who survive develop solid negotiating skills, and you’ll want them on your side. That’s easy to achieve when you partner with one of our Ardmore realtors to buy or sell property.

Technology Skills

Everything is online now, but it’s still a plus to find technology-fluent professionals who can help you navigate the sea of properties and listing sites. All of our agents know how to use applications and tools that make them more effective. Your agent should be knowledgeable in current technology and willing to learn new skills they could put to work for you. Of course, this also makes it convenient when it comes to producing stellar property videos and conducting virtual showings if that’s what the job requires.

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Top Ardmore, PA, real estate agents possess the negotiation skills and personalities to thrive in the competitive Philadelphia market. Contact Trust the Pineapple today to discuss your real estate goals with a tech-savvy, driven professional!

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