What Is The Main Line? 

What Is The Main Line?

If you are interested in moving into one of the thriving neighborhoods in suburban Philadelphia, it’s important to become familiar with the area. The team here at Trust The Pineapple will help you find your dream property. We encourage you to learn about the Philadelphia Main Line while researching different parts of the city.

Philadelphia Main Line Explained

The Main Line runs through suburban Philadelphia starting at Center City Philadelphia and Lancaster Avenue. The Main Line hosts some of the most lucrative neighborhoods in the state. Our team can help you search for houses for sale in Media, PA, and other Main Line towns.  

Main Line Origins

Europeans settled on the Main Line during the late 1600s. That’s why many of the street names and popular neighborhoods have European influences. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company built the primary Main Line and owned a lot of property around the area. The infrastructure attracted many of Philadelphia’s wealthiest residents. The Main Line became one of Philadelphia’s economic hubs during the 20th century. The real estate market took off and the area became a popular tourist attraction.

Featured Neighborhoods


Gladwyne is a lush community located in Lower Merion Township. The city has a unique mix of appeal for people who enjoy urbanization and those who enjoy rural farming. The Guard House Inn is an attraction for farm workers. Other attractions in the area include the Philadelphia Country Club and Merion Cricket Club. The Idlewild Farm Complex is also located nearby.


The Ardmore community is worth learning about if you are researching Ardmore, PA homes for sale. For over 50 years, Ardmore hosted the Auto Car Company headquarters. The influx of successful small businesses in the area has enhanced Ardmore during the last 15 years. Ardmore now hosts several luxury car dealerships and shopping centers.


Villanova is located at the center of the Main Line. The city is known for above average summers. The town is the proud home of Villanova University, which is one of the top colleges in the region for both academics and athletics.


Another draw to Philadelphia’s Main Line is the methods of transportation available. SEPTA operates multiple rail lines. U.S. Route 30 serves as a pathway for the entire city. Amtrak also helps control the Norristown High-Speed Line, Paoli/Thorndale Line, and Manayunk Line. SEPTA operates multiple buses running through the Main Line.

Want To Move To The Main Line? Trust The Pineapple!

The Philadelphia Main Line is a place that many people call home.  If you, too, want to be part of the Main Line, our team will help you find the property you’ve been dreaming of just outside of bustling Philadelphia. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our experienced realtors! 

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